Conversation Hearts Sayings

    conversation hearts

  • Sweethearts are small heart-shaped candies sold around Valentine’s Day. Each heart is printed with a message such as “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me”, “Call Me”, and “Miss You”. Sweethearts are made by the New England Confectionery Company, or Necco.


  • A saying is something that is said, notable in one respect or another, to be “a pithy expression of wisdom or truth.”
  • A short, pithy expression that generally contains advice or wisdom
  • A collection of such expressions identified with a particular person, esp. a political or religious leader

conversation hearts sayings

conversation hearts sayings – Necco classic

Necco classic Conversation Hearts 1 lb. – 8 Unit Pack
Necco classic Conversation Hearts 1 lb. - 8 Unit Pack
Today’s best-selling Valentine candy — Necco Classic Conversation Hearts–the pastel sugar hearts with the quirky sayings, were as much a part of your childhood as they are for today’s kids. NECCO manufactures over 8 billion hearts each year to keep up with demand for this American icon. Still it’s hard to believe that the concept behind today’s Conversation Hearts got its start when Abraham Lincoln was still President. Mottoes seemed to have come into prominence with “cockles,” a small crisp candy made of sugar and flour formed in the shape of a cockle or scallop shell. The early cockles contained mottoes, which were printed on thin colored paper and rolled up inside.

Valentine Conversation Hearts Quilt

Valentine Conversation Hearts Quilt
Made for Valentines Day got idea from dish of candy conversation Hearts. Machine embroidered sayings on fabric and hand appliqued hearts on pieced quilt.

heart candy

heart candy
leftover conversation hearts with a baby theme from my shower! so cute

conversation hearts sayings

Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish - Lucky U
minty green–I had just finished working the trade show and was knackered. I should also mention it was my birthday too. I headed back to the hotel room to do the count from the day. My co-worker decided we needed to treat ourselves to a glass of Champagne to celebrate the end of the show and my bday.I was busy doing the paperwork from the show when I heard a knock on the door. It was my co-worker with a beautiful bottle of champers. My birthday was beginning to look up! Well one bottle of champers turned into two and then a fabulous nite cap.By the time we staggered out of the restaurant it was 2 in the morning. It was a fun evening, but also a late one.We headed back to our hotel and wanted to continue the fun, but unfortunately the hotel bar was closed. My co-worker decided we had to order room service to the lobby. It worked like a charm. We sat in the big smooshy lobby chairs and enjoyed yet another drink.That is when two southern Gentlemen (if we could really call them that!) sat down with us. They had also apparently been having a fun nite, they were as tipsy as we were.Well, the man I was chatting with was in his 60’s, had just undergone heart surgery and had very yellow eyes. (we are talking liver failure) Although we were sitting on separate chairs he kept trying to hold my hand. I was not impressed and told him so. The next words out of his mouth were: ( you actually have to say this out loud to get the just of it) ” I wan eeeeet yeewwww”I said pardon me and he repeated. It finally dawned on me what the old letch was saying to me! I got up and told my coworker I was going to my room and wasn’t impressed. Well when I turned to her I heard the conversation she was having.The man sitting close to her was saying ” I don wan beggg- buut puleeasse give meee a kisss” As it was I knew we had to get the heck out of the lobby. We hightailed it to the elevator and got to our room safely.

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